13th International Conference on
Construction Applications of Virtual Reality
30-31 October 2013, London

Keynote speakers

Jeremy Beeton

Jeremy Beeton's experience and knowledge in project management span more than 40 years. He was the Director General London2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games responsible for managing the full budget and delivery for build, event, legacy and government. He was Chair of Olympic Legacy Board, Chair of Olympic Chief Executives group and Major Projects Review Group work for Treasury. Before this, Jeremy was Principal Vice President of Bechtel with operational responsibility for programme management and delivery of civil engineering projects on a worldwide basis project portfolio circa $ 30 bn. He was leading the implementation of sustainable development policies, safety and six Sigma policies. Currently, Jeremy is Director of EPC Global, non-Executive Director of SSE plc and A. Proctor Group, Advisory Board of PricewaterhouseCoopers, Advisory Panel and Consultant to Macquarie, Member of Court at Strathclyde University.

In his keynote speech, Jeremy will share the lessons and best practices learned from the management of successful multi-billion pound projects such as the capital programme project: the London Olympic!

Prof. David Philp
Head of BIM Implementation Cabinet Office, London

David is currently the head of BIM Implementation at the Cabinet Office’s Efficiency and Reform Group, the Head of BIM at Mace and a Professor at Glasgow Caledonian University. He is also chair of the BIM2050 and various BIM4 working groups. David graduated in the early nineties and straight away joined Balfour Beatty as a Graduate Engineer; he advanced through the company becoming Director of Technical Services and latterly BIM programme Director. He still lives in Scotland and his hobbies include photography and collecting air miles.

David’s enthusiasm lies in highlighting the potential of new technologies and how we interact with them to bring added value and unlock new ways of working throughout the entire life-cycle. David is passionate about the construction industry and perceives BIM as being a catalyst for reform.

In his keynote speech, David will give an update on the HM Government BIM strategy including an overview of the programme, progress to date and the key components they have delivered such as a common data environment and other commercial BIM workflows to allow digital transactions to be realised throughout the asset lifecycle.

Prof. Anthony Steed
Head of VECG at University College London

Anthony is the head of the Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics group in the Department of Computer Science at University College London, UK. He has worked extensively in virtual reality systems, 3D interaction, tele-collaboration, novel interfaces and networking for real-time graphics systems. He is UCL's academic lead on the London Media Technology Campus, a new collaboration between the UCL and BBC.

In his keynote speech, Anthony will share his experience of developing and testing multimodal mixed reality telecommunication systems and discuss scenarios for exploiting these technologies in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry.

Prof. R. Raymond Issa
Ph.D., J.D., P.E., F.ASCE, AIP
University of Florida

Raymond is currently the UF Research Foundation and Holland Professor in the University of Florida’s Rinker School of Building Construction and Director of the Centre for Advanced Construction Information modelling and the Building Information Modeling (BIM) Visualization Laboratory. He has completed over $7 million in information technology related research and he has served as Chair on over 200 Masters Committees and over 30 Ph.D. Committees, Raymond has also authored over 300 journal and conference proceeding articles and scientific reports.

Raymond has received University, College and School level recognition for excellence in research (UF Research Foundation Professor (2)), teaching, and academic advising (Academic Advisor of the Year; PHD Advisor/Mentor (2)). Raymond also serves on the Board of Directors of various professional organizations, including the National Centre for Construction Education and Research and the International Society for Computing in Civil and Building Engineering (ISCCBE). He has served as chair of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Technical Council on Computing and Information Technology and on various other ASCE technical committees. He also serves as an ASCE representative on the Pan American Union of Engineering Societies (UPADI). Raymond was recently awarded the 2012 ASCE Computing in Civil Engineering and elected to the Pan American Engineering Academy.

His Keynote speech is entitled: BIM and Visualisation: a View from USA.

Dr.-Ing. Jan Tulke

Jan is Head of Research & Product Development at HOCHTIEF ViCon GmbH, a consultant company for Building Information Modeling (BIM). The core business of ViCon is BIM Management and the implementation of BIM on project and organization level by guiding changes in all five relevant components: people, processes, policies, technology and BIM management. ViCon supports project owners and contractors with major infrastructure and building projects worldwide, and pushes the advancement of BIM through its participation in international research projects.

Jan graduated civil engineering at TU Berlin with emphasis on computational mechanics and information technology. He started his professional career in the design of infrastructure projects but quickly specialized in the area of Virtual Design and Construction (ViCon). He holds a Ph.D. in construction informatics from Bauhaus University Weimar. As a member of the ENCORD Virtual Construction Platform he has a broad knowledge of current BIM implementation status within many European contractors.

In his speech Jan will give insights into how BIM is used on major projects. He will outline use cases, benefits and struggles as well as future perspectives for the use of BIM from the perspective of a practitioner.

Prof. Xiangyu Wang

Prof. Xiangyu Wang is holding Curtin-Woodside Chair Professor for Oil, Gas & LNG Construction and Project Management and the Co-Director of Australasian Joint Research Centre for Building Information Modelling (BIM). Professor Wang is an internationally recognised leading researcher in the field of Construction IT, BIM, Lean, Visualization Technologies, Project Management, and Training, having obtained over AUD $ 5 Million research funds and published over 300 peer-reviewed technical papers. He is the Chair of Australian National Committee of International Society in Computing in Civil and Building Engineering. He has presented over 20 keynote speeches at international and industrial conferences on BIM, construction and project management, VR and AR research and practice. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Visualization in Engineering which is an international research journal hosted by Springer-Verlag. His work with Woodside Energy Ltd. and other industries, wins numerous awards including the Runner-Up of 2012 Curtin Commercial Innovation Award.

The topic of his keynote speech is: What about “Building Information Modelling in Australia and China: a New Era for Building Construction, Infrastructure, and Oil and Gas Industries”

Prof. Dr. Leandro Madrazo

Leandro Madrazo is a professor at the School of Architecture La Salle, Universitat Ramon Llull, Barcelona, where he has been head of the ARC Architecture Representation Computation research group since its creation in 1999. He graduated in architecture from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in 1984, and studied later as Fulbright scholar in the Master of Architecture programs of Harvard University and at the University of California Los Angeles, where he obtained the Master’s degree in 1988. From 1990 to 1999 he carried out his teaching and research work at the Department of Architecture and CAAD at ETH Zürich, completing his Ph.D. programme in 1995. He has participated in several European and nationally funded projects dealing with the development and application of ICT to foster the industrialization of the construction sector and to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and cities. Currently, he is coordinating the research project SEMANCO –Semantic Tools for CO2 Reduction in Urban Planning– funded by the 7th Framework Programme 2011-2014.

Paul Jonathan Walker

Paul is a Product Manager for Autodesk, in the BIM 360 group. With over a decade of experience in training and evangelizing the benefits of BIM for Construction, Paul is currently focused on cloud and mobile solutions, looking to leverage the latest technologies to simplify processes, and ensure data is securely accessible.